Game Art at DMU gives students a distinctive mix of creativity, talent and the very latest technology. Accredited by Skillset, the course was the first industry accredited game art course in England. Read more here.
There are three distinct themes fully integrated across three years of study:

Game Production covers the practical exploration of content creation, including 2D texturing, 3D modelling, prop, environment, vehicle and character design and rigging/animation, level design and team working.


Visual Studies develops fundamental art skills, such as life drawing and digital painting. Special emphasis is placed on how visual aesthetics play a role in enhancing the game experience. Artwork is developed using a range of traditional and digital tools and techniques.


Critical Studies uses a combination of online blogging, guest lectures, seminars, film showings, discussions and other activities to develop an understanding of the significance of contextual knowledge such as personal and professional development, visual and game culture, technology and business/industry.


There are regular guest lectures from professionals including artists, producers, art directors, studio heads and others. You will graduate with a portfolio demonstrating your capabilities and talents.

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